PIttPharmacy_PPA_StudenBoard_2016-17Update: 12/20/16

Rebecca Wytiaz featured in the PPA Student Voice Issue: http://www.papharmacists.com/?page=StudentFoundationDir

Five PittPharmacy students have recently been elected to the 2016-2017 Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association Student Advisory Board. Marissa Badzik (Class of 2018) will serve as the West Director and Jennifer Fever (Class of 2017) as the Vice Chair. Class of 2018 members Rebecca Wytiaz will serve as the Foundation Director, Olivia Marchionda as the Corresponding Secretary, and Nicolette Diehl will act as Recording Secretary.

Pictured l to r: Rebecca Wytiaz, Olivia Marchionda, Nicolette Diehl, Marissa Badzik, and Jennifer Fever.

Officers are selected based on their abilities and interest in leading the academy, advancing student interests, and building student involvement in PPA. The members of the Student Advisory Board regularly hold brief business meetings at the PPA conferences, allowing the students to have a voice in PPA policy and activities.


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