Reports and Publications by the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy

As stated in our mission, “The School of Pharmacy is committed to improving health through excellence, innovation, and leadership in education research, patient care, and service.” It is our vision to be an outstanding school renowned for excellence in everything we do and toward that end, weshare with you these documents.

Our Long-Range Plan 2012–2018, first developed in 2001 and revised five years later with newPittPharmacy Reports goals, has been revised again for the next five years. It also includes our mission, vision, and values statements, The Annual Reports track our progress toward our vision and the realization of our Long-Range Plan. The Making Medicines Work for People publication highlights research, education, and patient-care accomplishments and acknowledges the generosity of our alumni and friends. The 2016 School of Pharmacy Self-Study Report to the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education is here for your review.

PittPharmacy is a publication produced twice a year by the School of Pharmacy. It is mailed toPittPharmacy Publications all alumni, students, and friends of the school. The Resident Research is a publication produced yearly describing the research projects of the pharmacy residents. The Residents’ Roar is a yearly newsletter that features our current residents and provides updates on alumni of our residency program. The Pitt Capsule is a student produced newsletter for PharmD students. It is written, edited, and published by the students

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